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34: Look at Yourself

Issue design & production

October 2010

Done: design concept, interface, application production, package

34? Look at Yourself!

Stop mocking those YouTube yahoos, video voyeurs and Twitter tweeters! It ain't easy to open up in front of the camera right on the street. Do you expose yourself on the Internet without hiding behind an avatar? Are you religious about reality TV? For this issue, we decided to focus on you. What do you really know about yourself? As the song goes, "Who are you?" Like an alien, we've tried to get inside your head and discover your most private questions. Like a vampire hunter, we're forcing you to look into a mirror. In our video surveys, we allow Belarusian youngsters show us who they really are. And you are one of them. Take a look at yourself!

Graphic theme of the issue — the face of responses in our survey, which looks right at the reader with its different eyes.

↓ Roll over the answer and you will see the question article
34: Apytanni screen34: Apytanni screen34: Apytanni screen
↑↓ One click — and its starts
34: Apytanni screen34: Apytanni screen34: Apytanni screen34: Apytanni screen
↑ Clicking once, user leans back in his chair and looks all materials by a single thread.
↑ Poking pack

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