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Minsk city magazine

Autumn 2011–2012

Done: art-direction, design & layout, multimedia support
Photo editor: Dasha Buben
Guide designers: Nick Kazantsev, Ihar Suvorau

KG is а monthly magazine about contemporary culture of Minsk. It looks like an artful newspaper, and is tailored to suit the needs of the citizens. You can find city guide attached inside. Every issue have a key subject such as: moviemaking, presents, physical culture or even drugs. Each subject is as well coded in its own extra paint. The covers and 1/2 of newspaper are printed in two colours (black + special).
KG covers
Drawing with dumbbells by Jura Shust

Each time the paper begins with an Intro:
Past months digest with own mood:
Advice from a hero of the issue plus first material of the key subject:
KG Advice KG Advice
Few materials of the key subject:
KG Theme KG Theme
Central spread "Wallpaper":
KG Wallpaper
Photo: Maxim Shumilin
KG Wallpaper
Board game "Way to Eden". Central painting by Mikhail Xylin
KG Wallpaper
Painting by Ruslan Vashkevich

Minsk city guide inside:
KG Wallpaper + City Guide
Events calendar and reviews:
KG Calendar
"Places" photo project:
KG Places KG Places
Belarus contemporary art rubric feat. Art Aktivist:
KG Art Aktivist
And many more in issues archive:
Special events, video trailers, podcasting:
KG #1 presentation

KG podcasting

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