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Любовь и Бедность

Cultural experience

Autumn 2010

Done: name, trailer production, identity + all stuff, photo editing, video background, site
Co-producer: Nick Kazantsev
Photographers: Dasha Buben and Kate Shumak

↑ Trailer of the project. Soundtrack: White Stripes — Seven Nation Army
LiB Poster
↑ Poster for three weeks
LIB Flyers
↑ Web-posters with guest-models filmed at the events. From left to right, from up to down: Olesya Lazareva, Unknown, Nastya Vesna, NIna Smirnova, Tatsiana Kezha, Olga Semchenko
↑ Video background (need a soundtrack)
LiB Bootlegs
↑ Bootlegs (you can donwload some)
LiB_GuestsLiB Photo
↑ Branded guests
LiB Photo
↑ Looks for
LiB Site

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